What do we do over winter.. hibernate?

Admittedly the pace does slow a little, but there’s still plenty of work to be done.  BOOM is after all a business, there’s a marketing strategy to be worked out, accounts, budgets…smarten up the website…look at new offerings…set up the 2019 calendar oh and the delightful task of annual maintenance.  For those that don’t own a boat ‘antifouling’ is perhaps a vague concept, for those that do the word conveys misery!  It involves (if you’re doing it properly) wet sanding down acres of hull at the wrong angle, at the wrong height with buckets of cold water most of which seems to run down your arm at a time of year when warm fires beckon.  Those said acres then have to be cleaned, masked off and if you can find a dry day painted over using a 6″ roller (it just doesn’t work with anything bigger).  There are of course other tasks, filling in the odd dink, polishing the top sides etc. but it’s the antifouling that casts the darkest shadow over the already dour days.. roll on spring!