We offer a range of cruises mostly from our base in Conwy, North Wales. We have tried to offer a varied menu from ‘Mini Cruises’ over 2 or 3 days opening the possibility of circumnavigating Anglesey or maybe a quick dash to the Isle of Man, through to more extended voyages that may take in Ireland or Scotland.

Whichever venture you choose Conwy is a great start point, from here we can explore the exquisite Menai Strait and venture around Anglesey, the Llynn Peninsular and further afield to the Isle of Man and Ireland. Weather always plays a part and the itinerary will be tailored to suit those on board.

The following video is a pilotage of the Swellies from Menai Bridge a passage that often features in our cruises and courses, but on this occasion with added seal!

Catching sight of sea life is always a bonus, Minke Whales and Killer Whales have been spotted in the Irish Sea quite regularly and of course Dolphins! If you’re lucky you might get this!